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Supporting Public Education

As a graduate of Oklahoma’s public schools, Kay knows strong public schools strengthen our communities. That’s why she has fought for increased funding and resources for our schools for the past decade. She also believes every student should be valued and sage. That’s why she authored legislation to increase suicide awareness training in our schools.

Prioritizing Women and Children

Kay is continually working on providing a safer and healthy environment for women and children in our state and has introduced and passed several bills that worked toward that end. She’s worked to address the backlog of sexual assault forensic evidence kits and authored a bill that would give the victims counseling while processing these kits. Kay has authored and passed bills to help victims of domestic violence and works to ensure that every Oklahoman feels safe.

An Economy for Everyone

Kay knows that every Oklahoman deserves access to good jobs that helps our state thrive. While our economy continues to grow, wages have stagnated and inequality is at an all-time high. That’s why she has supported raising the minimum wage and worked to support small business owners. The COVID-19 pandemic put a strain on Oklahoma families and now is the time to build a new economy that works for everyone.

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